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Who we are

The Global Survivors Network is comprised of people working to prevent future acts of terror.  We hail from six continents, represent many different religions and are united by a common cause: what happened to us, and so many others, should never happen again.

We work with groups on the ground in communities vulnerable to the messages of extremists. We aim to create opportunities for the exchange of experiences and ideas that can build counter narratives and contribute to deradicalization. Where incidents of terrorist activity have left emotional and physical scars on those citizens who remain, we hope to channel grief into actions for peace and understanding.

The Network grew out of the first ever United Nations Symposium on Supporting Victims of Terrorism on 9 September 2008. The Symposium gave a platform and an opportunity to 18 victims of terror and ten experts to share their stories and insights, in the hope of influencing delegates from 192 nations to pass resolutions and policies aimed at preventing future acts of terror.

The participants decided that their voices and those of the thousands of survivors of terrorist acts around the globe needed to be heard outside the walls of the UN.

We invite you to join us by and by taking action.