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Survivors Speak Out

Survivors of terror attacks live on every continent. Their stories and their willingness to stand up and speak out against terrorism inspire acts of grace, humility and compassion in communities around the globe. Survivors remind anyone who might sympathize with grievances expressed by extremists of the human costs associated with resolving those grievances through the use of violence directed at innocents.

Global Survivors Network provides a platform for survivors of terrorism to share their experiences in their own words. Watch their stories and share their inspiring messages with others. You can make an impact, too. Share your story with us so that others can gain the insight only learned through the survival of a most terrible ordeal. Please join us and help make the world a safer, better place for all.

Jeremiah  Jeremiah Othin

Beatriz  Beatriz Alegre

Alan  Alan Jara

Febby  Febby Firmansyah Isran

Michael  Michael Gallagher

Nadia  Nadia Alami

Irfan  Muhammed Irfan Malik

Sayed  Sayed Ali Shah

Nawab  Nawab Sheer

Ali  Ali Asghar Hasnain

Waqar  Waqar Khalid

Tahir  Tahir Wadood Malik

Selcuk  Selcuk Eser

Goksel  Goksel Kortay

Annebelle  Annabelle Delory

Xavier  Xavier

Alonso  Alonso

Melanie  Melanie